Video, stunts, games, and bots as one of BuzzFeed's first Creative Directors

I joined BuzzFeed as one of its first Creative Directors back in 2012 when the company was only around 100 people. I was responsible for coming up with stunts, videos, bots, and more that BuzzFeed could potentially sell to brands.

Seeing Eye People

We teamed up with Improv Everywhere to solve the most pressing first-world problem of our times: walking while texting. It got a million plus views, a bunch of press, and even fooled a few NYPD officers.

What I did: Came up with concept, Creative directed video

Awkward Chatbot

We’ve all seen chatbots, but how many of them can accurately replicate the crushing, human awkwardness of most chats? We built Awkward Chatbot so anyone, anytime, could have a painfully awkward conversation with a robot.

What I did: Came up with concept, Coded bot, Wrote bot content

The Listiclock

BuzzFeed has a lot of lists. Enough to turn them into a clock. We launched The Listiclock along with PepsiNEXT as self-deprecating stunt that poked fun at how list-focused the Internet has become. It even caused the New Yorker to write a fretful meditation on the nature of man’s relation to lists.

What I did: Came up with concept, Creative direction

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