I make things that people
like to share on the Internet.

I've written some of the Internet's most popular humor articles. I've made viral, snarky bots, Emmy-nominated games, and extraordinarily-stupid books. I spent the better part of a decade doing naming, writing, strategy, and more for Google. Now, let's make something together.

Let a sophisticated AI judge your awful music taste.
A heroic ballad about fixing your girlfriend's grandparents' WiFi. Voiced by H. Jon Benjamin.
Writing, strategy, and branding for some of Google's biggest, strangest, and most sensitive new products.
A game where you try to stop mass shootings using only thoughts and prayers. It's pretty hard.
The New York Times' first Op-Ed game, all about the pain of waiting in line to vote. Nominated for an Emmy.
A tool to make any URL look suspicious and frightening.
Fly through the galaxy and hear how far radio broadcasts have traveled.
A party-loving bot that texted you dumb stuff to buy on Saturdays at 2am. Acquired by Super Deluxe.
Video, stunts, games, and bots as one of BuzzFeed's first Creative Directors
Older, weirder stuff I still love.

About me

I'm a freelance copywriter and creative director who does a whole bunch of stuff: funny stuff, serious stuff, videos, stunts, branding, strategy, games, bots, and more.
Recent-ish transplant from NYC to Minneapolis.